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How to DIY Mount Your TV

For a super clean and cool appearance of your entertainment center, the best way to go is to mount your own TV.
TV mounting is a simple task that you can do yourself as long as you have all the tools and equipment required to get the job done.

Here are 6 simple steps on how to DIY mount your TV:

1. Determine the spot or area where you like to put your TV.

The viewing angles are usually important to get the best picture quality. This is why it is important that you consider the location with extra care. Moving your TV not just requires extra work because if done incorrectly, it can end up leaving unwanted holes on your wall. If there a fireplace in your house, mounting the TV above this is a popular option for mounting because this is generally the room’s main focal point.

2. Look for the wall studs with the use of a stud finder.

Just move the stud finder across your wall until this indicates that a stud was found. Once it does, you just need to mark this using painters tape to ensure that you forget their location.

3. Mark then drill the pilot holes.

Pilot holes are the tiny holes that will let the mounting screws enter the wall. For this step, it will be best to use an extra pair of helping hands. Hold the TV mount up to the wall. A level can be used to ensure that it is straight. Use a pencil to make some light marks where you will drill the holes for attaching the mount to the wall. You can now attach the masonry bit to the drill for drilling the holes on the areas you marked with the use of the mount.

4. The TV mount bracket can now be attached to the wall.

Hold the mount up to wall then drill the mounting screws in those pilot holes that you made in the 3rd step.

5. The mounting plate can now be attached to the TV.

To do this, you can remove the TV stand first if you didn’t do it yet. Look for the holes for the mounting plate attachments at the back of your TV. Sometimes, plastic covers these holes or there might also be screws in them. If yes, you can remove them first. Use the included hardware to attach the mounting place to the back of your TV.

6. Mounting the TV to the wall is the last step.

Once again, you will need someone’s help in this particular step as it is impossible to do it by yourself. Use your legs and not your back when lifting the TV carefully. The last thing you want is to suffer from injuries that can ruin the fun. Line up the mounting plate or arm on your TV with the installed bracket on the wall then connect them as stated in the manufacturer’s instruction. It can differ from one mount to another so make sure you always read these instructions carefully.

And just like that, you can now start enjoying your newly mounted TV!