If there is no sufficient room on your wall or you simply don’t have the necessary studs in the appropriate places, a ceiling TV mount is no doubt the best option you should explore. These might be more labor intensive than other TV mounts and depending on the electrical locations, it may or may not be possible for you to hide all the wires in the pole. However, when installed in the right place, ceiling TV mounts can add an elegant and clean look to any room. 

We suggest that you explore first the other alternatives available if you want your TV to drop over 3 feet from your ceiling. Aside from that, when you buy a ceiling TV mount, this comes with just one pole length for mounting. You need to make a separate purchase if you want a different length.


The Good

  • You can easily extend the mount towards the floor. 
  • Rotational movement is very easy to let you achieve the most comfortable viewing position. 
  • You can install a ceiling TV mount in the corner of the room.

The Not So Good

  • Due to the viewing angle, ceiling TV mounts support a much smaller load compared to other types of mounts. 
  • If you won’t work with a professional installer, you need climb a ladder to mount this to your ceiling yourself.

Best Location

Ceiling TV mounts are best used in fully furnished rooms where there are no walls that have sufficient available space.