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Zach and Family. Owners of AZP Installs, LLC and operators of Utah TV Mounting. 

According to Plato “Necessity is the mother of invention” the beginning of AZP Installs is no exception. I was a newly married broke college student who needed to supplement my income. I had installed a few TVs for family and friends and decided to put an ad on Craigslist to see if there was a need in the market. Fast forward more than a decade, a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting, two children, and AZP has grown from my part-time side gig to my full-time business.

Although an unconventional road, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. All through college I operated AZP as a side business. I eventually earned a master’s degree in accounting, became a licensed CPA in Arizona, New York, and Utah, and worked for one of the largest accounting firms in the world in their Manhattan office. All those years I worked/went to school full-time and would run AZP on nights and weekends. Eventually, it became unsustainable to work full-time at an accounting firm and operate AZP on the side. My wife and I had just welcomed our second child into the world, so it was time to pick a lane. I decided to go full-time with AZP and haven’t looked back.

My wife (Lauren) and I were married in 2008 and have two sons Jax and Van. I enjoy spending time with my family, snowboarding, mountain biking, or any other activity that gets me out. I look forward to each and every job and can’t wait to make your home entertainment dreams a reality.

Why choose AZP Installs?

I have the highest google rating in Utah for TV Mounting Services. No one offers our level of professional TV mounting services better service than my TV installers. My team has a steadfast commitment to empowering the most skilled technicians to do their topnotch work to ensure that every household gets to enjoy the best TV experience like no other.

Our Team

All my TV mounting technicians at AZP installs are all background-checked and vetted professionals who will show up at your doorsteps at just a click of a button to give you the ultimate peace of mind whenever you need it the most.

We individually and strictly review every applicant to guarantee professional service and quality services. To top it all, we also look for technicians who know and understand how important it is to treat your house and everything in it as if it is their own.

The Finest TV Mounting Service in Utah

You just need to give us the word and we will provide you professional TV mounting perfect for you and your family so you can achieve your preferred viewing experience. We can either install what you already have or supply all the equipment and tools you need. TV mounting is what we do best and we love what we do.

For many people, TV mounting is not something that they can just do on their own. This requires knowledge and skills to achieve the best results.

Our experts offer top of the line TV mounting services in all areas of Utah with every project significantly different in terms of budget, style, and size.

We have the expertise and experience to give the best advice and tips for TV mounting for all types of rooms at all budgets.

Our Professional TV Mounting Process

Our TV mounting service starts with our team sitting down with you to brainstorm ideas.

Together, we will then explore all available options, measure your space, share ideas, and go through samples of our previous work to help you get a good idea of which mounting installation will work best for you.

We have extensive experience in handling all major brands so you can expect that we won’t be holding any bias on one over the others. Our main concern here is to choose the best one according to your preferences and environment. We will also educate you regarding the specific type of equipment you need. There is no overselling or hype involved here at all.

Mounting your TV isn’t and shouldn’t be a DIY project. It is a task that is best left to the hands of professionals. Our professional TV mounting is carried out using your own ideas that are further improved through brainstorming with the experts in our team.

The next time you feel like you are not getting the most out of your TV, call us at Utah TV Mounting and let us help you out in the best way we can!