Full Motion TV Mount

Even though modern day technology now gives users the chance to watch their favorite TV programs and movies across many types of devices, TVs remain to be the most popular choice. In fact, TVs are still considered a necessity in almost every household. If you want to make the most out of your TV, there are now mounts available and one of these is the full motion TV mount. 

So, what is a full motion TV mount? A TV mount bracket that doesn’t have a swivel function tends to have limited usage and function. But, with a full motion TV mount, you can be sure that you can swivel it as much as you want. These are versatile TV mounts that you can adjust to various viewing angles. A full motion TV mount also comes with a swivel feature. 

Before you buy one, make sure that you check the specifications of the mount to determine the length of the arm. It is also recommended that you mount the TV in a corner so that it will be easier for you to swivel your TV left or right. This way, you won’t need to adjust your furniture to align them perfectly with the TV screen because all you need to do is rotate the screen itself.

full motion tv mount

The Good

  • Ideal for living spaces with different seating locations. 
  • Provides the most range of movements.

The Not So Good

  • Supports lesser weight compared to other models.

Best Location

Full motion TV mounts are perfect for living spaces and open air kitchens.