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5 Reasons to Mount Your TV

There are so many good reasons to mount your TV on the wall instead of simply using a traditional TV stand or even an entertainment center.

If you haven’t mounted your TV just yet or you are still unsure whether or not this is a good idea, read on to know the top 5 reasons why mounting your TV is a wise decision:

1. Mount Your TV to Prevent Eye and Neck Strain

Many TV stands tend to sit much lower to the ground and as you know, this can easily lead to eye and neck strain. While you can prevent this with the use of a regular TV mount, there are also full motion mounts available that will let you angle and move your TV for an optimal viewing experience with no strains and glares.

A full motion TV mount is also an ideal option for open floor plans commonly seen in modern homes today. You don’t have to worry about the sun’s glares in the afternoon and once nighttime comes, you can just angle the TV toward your kitchen so you can still watch your favorite shows while you are busy preparing dinner.

2. Mount Your TV to Prevent Damage on Wires and Hide Them for a Cleaner Look

TVs are no longer the only ones with power cords. With all the different devices connected to your TV, from cable boxes, to gaming systems, streaming devices, and more, it has become a chore to try to organize and hide all those cords and wires. When you mount your TV, you can keep those cords out of sight and ensure that children or pets won’t mess with them.

3. Mount Your TV to Make Your Home More Spacious

The furniture required to hold your TV, even the most minimalist one, can take up a significant amount of floor space. But, by mounting your TV, you can use the space for something else that will serve more purpose other than just holding your TV.

4. Mount Your TV to Stay on the Safe Side

When your TV is mounted on the wall properly, you know that it won’t go anywhere. This will not only keep your TV out of the way of children and pets that can bump into it or mess with the wires. At the same time, it also eliminates the risks of the TV or the furniture that holds it fall over you, your kid or your pet.

5. Mount Your TV Because It’s Meant to be Mounted Anyway

Today’s flat screen televisions feature mounting holes. Even though most of them have legs that will let you place them on top of flat surfaces, TV makers also made it easy by adding mounting holes where most mounts can be fitted. Just see to it that the mount you use is meant to hold the size and weight of your TV.

Now that you know the reasons to mount your TV, make sure you contact expert TV mounters that can get the job done right for you.