Speaker Mounting

There are a lot of good reasons why people choose to mount their speakers. Thanks to mounting, it is now possible to accommodate speakers even in smaller rooms. Speaker mounting can also help keep the speakers protected from curious pets and children. This is also a great way to place these devices at the perfect height for you to enjoy optimal sound to the fullest. Here at Utah TV Mounting, we make mounting your speakers easier, simpler, and more convenient for you!

What Types of Speakers are Perfect for Mounting?

Theoretically speaking, it is possible to mount all types of speakers in surround sound systems. You can even hang some subwoofers on the wall. Of course, it is normal that the sheer bulk of subwoofers can make this option a bit impractical. Similarly, tower speakers are meant for placement on the floor and not really on walls.

The important factor when it comes to mounting speakers is the speakers’ size and if they feature keyhole brackets or any other elements that will make it possible to easily attach them to a surface. Utah TV Mounting will be able to help you in expertly mounting your speakers so you won’t have any worries.

Where to Mount Your Speakers

One of the main concerns and issues when mounting your speakers is choosing the best and right position to place them. Since holes need to be drilled to mount and place speakers, the placement of the speaker is going to be fixed and permanent. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing where you will place them. But, fear no more. As long as you follow a few simple tips and guidelines, it will be possible for you to put every speaker in any way you want for you to enjoy the best sound experience ever. 

  • Front Speakers 

If your front speakers are of stereo tower type, you can just let them rest or sit on the floor on any side of your TV. But, systems that use smaller speakers should be placed on a shelf, speaker stand, or mounted on the wall. Wall mounting is usually the easiest choice. It is important for the speakers to be placed at a good ear height. They should also be placed halfway on either side of your television. There must be a minimum of one meter space between the side walls and the speakers. 

  • Center Speakers 

The center speakers are the most commonly mounted speakers. Since the speaker must be placed in the middle of two front speakers and close to the screen, mounting these speakers below or above the TV is the most common option. However, you have to remember that if center speakers are placed under the screen, this should be at a minimum of 40 centimeters above the floor. 

  • Surround Speakers 

While bigger stereo speakers are usually used as front speakers, surround speakers in home cinema systems are often compact. It makes them the perfect speakers for wall mounting. Surround speakers are ideally placed above the floor at 1.40 meters. 

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