Utah TV Mount carries different types of TV mounts so you can choose the best choice for you and your specific needs.

A fixed TV mount offers a clean look and appeal since the mount bracket and the TV are both flushed with the wall. This type of low profile TV mount is also the most affordable that you can find, mainly because the unit doesn’t let you swivel or tilt your TV. Also, with a fixed TV mount, the installation process is a breeze and many of these mounts can be easily secured to concrete, wood studs, metal, or cinder block.

Tilt or swivel mounts are sleekly designed, easy to install, and slim like fixed TV mounts. The only difference is that these TV mounts provide the advantage of increased functionality. The primary benefit of this specific type of mount is its ability of adjusting the TV screen’s angle according to your viewing position.

In case you feel a bit limited to the current location of your TV on the wall, you can easily overcome it by being able to tilt its screen to an angle that suits you. This angle adjustment can also help reduce the screen reflections from room lights or windows. These types of mounts are known for their versatility without putting too much stress on the wall.

Tilt or swivel TV mounts are ideal for corner installation or if you are sitting to the left or right of your TV. They also offer a wide range of motion so that any seat in your room can become a great viewing spot.

Full motion TV mounts allow better flexibility as far as changing the screen’s position is concerned. These TV mounts are specifically useful since they let you install the screen even in the corner. It is a significant benefit as compared to tilt and flat models that require a big area on the flat wall. These TV mounts often feature a smaller mounting bracket that is attachable to the wall in different places. If you ever need to install or mount your TV in one corner of a room, a full motion TV mount is your best option.

Ceiling TV mounts are now becoming more and more popular mainly because of the floor space that they save as well as the sheer sophistication that they offer to any living room, especially when done correctly and expertly.

Ceiling TV mounts are known to offer better and safer viewing experience. They also look very sophisticated and will let you keep up with all the latest trends. Of course, they also give you the chance to save space and still enjoy a quality viewing experience.

Give Utah TV Mounting a call today so you can discuss all the available options when it comes to products that you can use for expert TV mounting installation. Our team can give you advice and tips to help you choose which mount will suit your preferences, your needs, and your budget.