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When you finally got your dream TV, there is one important step you need to take. You should mount it! Got no idea how to do it? Worry not because that is exactly what we do here at Utah TV Mounting!

Utah TV Mounting provides state of the art solutions for TV and speaker mounting, AV installation, and more. Our team has the personal touch and experience you need. We are confident and take great pride in your services as we always make it our objective to not only meet but better yet, exceed your expectations.

It doesn’t matter how small or large your project is because with us, you know you are in good hands. Our company is composed of trained and dedicated professionals who always render quality work using their expertise that you cannot simply find anywhere else.

Save Yourself from the Hassle with Utah TV Mounting

When you have a new TV, you might not be sure right away what is involved in getting it installed. While some aspects might seem simple and easy, others might not. From the required physical labor, to the need to coordinate various media devices and making all of them work with others and individually, it can easily become clear to you that having a new TV installed is a serious ordeal.

Good thing that there is now one great solution. Our TV mounting services at Utah TV mounting will take care of everything on your behalf. Choosing us as your TV mounting company will let you enjoy your new TV and all its features and perks at the soonest time possible.

Manage Aesthetics Better

Aside from the technical and physical requirements, it is important for you to form a setup that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It can be serious chore to try to hide all those wires from view then arrange the TV to make it effective and appealing. Our professional team members can handle this task just like how interior designers do their job. Our expertise gives you a better perspective that you might not have even considered or thought of yourself.

Cover All Bases in One Go

One of the best reasons why you should get your TV installed and mounted by professionals is to get rid of any unknown element. After all, there is simply no way for you to know what step in process will give you trouble. Our team, on the other hand, works with the same TVs as yours on an almost daily basis. This only means that we are always ready for any problem that might pop up along the way.

Have you ever thought about how you should set up your audio system? Do you have an idea how your Blu-ray or DVD player will interact with your TV and dish boxes or cable? Instead of trying to understand and figure out this complicated puzzle all by yourself, it will be simpler and easier for you to hire us as your trusted TV mounting company.

If you have recently purchased a TV or you have plans to buy one, go for the simple and easy solution to TV installation so you can enjoy your entertainment system as soon as possible. Let Utah TV Mounting handle the task for you and expect a convenient and efficient setup that looks aesthetically pleasing with no need for you to deal with the usual hassles and stress involved!

TV Mounting and Its Many Exciting Benefits

TV has definitely come a very long way from the first day it was invented as just boxy and heavy appliance of the past. Today, thanks to the clean aesthetics and convenience of TV mounting, you no longer have to see those ugly cords, try to create a good enough space that can accommodate your TV or even worry ever again if your TV is stable or not.

Here at Utah TV Mounting, we will give you a quick look at the many exciting benefits of mounting your TV:

  1. Cleaner and More Modern Aesthetics
    Modern day TVs can give your home a cleaner and sleeker visual appeal. With all of the incredible innovations in viewing technology, the last thing you want is to ruin that amazing view with bulky and ugly wires and cores that are hanging out everywhere. Mounting your TV is one of the best and easiest ways to showcase the sleek and thin design of your modern TV while keeping all those annoying cables out of sight.
  2. Security and Safety
    If you have kids at home, there is always the risk that they will try to pull down or climb the TV if you only place it on a table or stand. Freestanding TVs can also be the obvious targets for children with markers in their hands or sticky fingers. But, even if there are no kids around, TVs on stands and tables are easy to bump into. It means that your shiny brand new plasma screen can quickly crash into pieces on the floor. A mounted TV is also safer if a burglar breaks inside your house. A freestanding TV s a fast and easy prey unlike mounted ones which are less appealing to them because of the lengthier and more complicated removal process.
  3. Less Space Needed Thanks to Lightweight TV Designs
    Earlier TV models were too bulky and heavy that mounting them was simply out of the question. The lightweight and innovative designs of more modern TV models are perfectly ideal to be mounted on a wall. They also take up lesser space physically and visually alike so your home can free up some space that you can use for other purposes. It also allows you to have your TV mounted at the right viewing angle to let you watch your favorite TV shows no matter what time of the day it is or wherever you are in the room.

Mounting your TV is no doubt one of the most affordable options that will let you achieve that much coveted contemporary and sleek look, keep your precious TV safe from the hands of thieves and children alike, and free up more valuable living space inside your home. So, don’t waste any minute. Have that TV mounted in the best place where it belongs with the help of Utah TV Mounting!

Do you have a particular type of TV mounting in mind? Utah TV Mounting can bring your TV dreams into reality. We will help you choose the perfect style of mounting that suits your TV and your personal preferences and needs. We will handle all the lifting, drilling, and technical configurations for you and all you have to do is sit back, relax and just get ready to experience the joy of using your newly and expertly mounted TV.

We can also help you install your AV and power outlet and conceal those bothersome cables. All you have to do is go online and schedule an appointment with us. Our team will then show up at your doorstep at a time that fits in your hectic schedule. If you like, we can even be there in the same day so that the whole process will be more convenient and seamless for you.

Just bought a TV? Moving to your new house? No problem because Utah TV Mounting will come to your house and professionally mount, setup, and connect your TV with your existing devices and connections. We provide cable management, wiring, and extra power outlet installation. If you haven’t chosen a mount yet, we can also supply you with the one that best suits your TV together with the cables and accessories required to complete the installation.

Enjoy your new TV and home entertainment system to the fullest with the help of our experts in speaker mounting. Let the pros conduct an inspection and walk through of the site, give you suggestions on design and help you pick the right mounting products suitable for your specific and unique needs. We are experienced in dealing with different speaker brands and we have handled both small and large systems so you can count on us to get the sounds booming in no time.
Our AV installation services are expertly carried out by our team of experienced AV professionals. All AV installation projects we undertake are done by people who know what they are doing like they know the back of their hands. Our team of specialists ate skilled, allowing them to complete comprehensive projects following high and efficient installation standards. You can be sure that our team can finish everything in budget and right on time.
Whether you got a new TV or you just want to mount your existing one, it is important that cables are concealed in the best way possible. Tangled and hanging cables can be a sore sight to the eyes and easily ruin your viewing experience. Our experts will make sure that you won’t ever have to worry about cables anymore that you might even completely forget their existence.

If you want to move your TV to a new location or it was mounted high up that it will be impossible to plug it to its old outlet, a new one should be installed. Of course, power outlet installation is not something that you can take into your own hands. For your comfort and safety, the best solution is to let us install the right electrical outlets wherever you need them while adhering to the electrical code implemented by the state.

Having your TV mounted on the wall not only helps you save space as it looks great as well. A strategically mounted TV lends a minimalistic and sleek look to your living space that can complement the overall décor of your room.

There is a wide selection of TV mounts that provide versatility and allow you to mount your TV pretty much anywhere you want and like in a room. It doesn’t matter if you want to fit your TV to a cramped space or you can only see your TV from a particular area, you can be sure that there is a mounting solution that works right and best for you.

Here at Utah TV Mounting, we carry different types of TV mounts to let you choose the perfect one for your space:

If you want to mount your TV at an exact eye level, usually about 42 inches off the ground, you won’t move your TV nor do you need to access its ports on a frequent basis. For this, a fixed TV mount is your best choice. These mounts are easy to install, sit almost flush with the wall and are also the cheapest types of mounting brackets out there.
A tilt or swivel TV mount is a good choice if you will mount your TV in the bedroom, over the fireplace, or somewhere in a room that is above eye level. Since the TV screen can be tilted downward at almost 45 degrees, a tilt or swivel TV mount lets you get optimal viewing angle with no need to crane your neck just to see your TV. This works very well to counter reflections and glare from ambient light sources like lamps or windows. If not being used, a tilt mount can be set almost flush close to the wall for a clean and slim look.
Full motion TV mounts can offer the most versatility because of its various pivot points that let you tilt, swivel, extend, and rotate the TV. It is quite helpful if you are planning to have your TV mounted in a recessed or corner space that, once extended, could create that “floating TV” effect.

If there is no wall space in your home or you want to hang your TV right in the center of a room away from walls, a ceiling TV mount is your best choice.

Contact us today at Utah TV Mounting and let us help you with your TV mounting needs!