Power Outlet Installation

Today’s modern homes require an uncluttered and a clean finish wherein the visual emphasis lies on none other than your TV. The last thing you want is to deal with unsightly electrical outlets and electrical wires that can easily ruin the aesthetics you are aiming for. Depending on your chosen location, our team at Utah TV Mounting will run a new electrical power outlet or relocate your existing electrical power socket for your newly mounted TV. This way, you can be sure that all electrical wires will be running in the ceiling and behind the wall so they are completely out of your sight.

Quality Power Outlet Installation in Utah

How often do you unplug and plug your TV and other devices? Sooner or later, these outlets will need replacement because of normal wear and tear. The power outlet installation experts at Utah TV Mounting can handle all of your power outlet needs so you can just sit back and enjoy your home entertainment system to the fullest.

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How Sockets Work

Electricity flows in AC electrical sockets through alternating current any type of equipment plugged in it. Electrical sockets can vary according to different criteria such as:

  • Shape 
  • Current rating 
  • Size 
  • Voltage rating
  • Type of connector

Types of Electrical Outlets

Here are most common types of electrical outlets installed in homes:

  • 20A Outlets – These are electrical outlets meant to handle more demanding devices or appliances without tripping the breaker. Such outlets are installed in places that use heavy appliances such as kitchens and utility closets. 
  • Switched Outlets – This type of outlet features a switch as a replacement for one receptacle. 
  • AFCI Outlets – Arc fault circuit interrupters help prevent the electricity from jumping between wires that can start a fire. 
  • USB Outlets – Used in modern homes, these outlets offer receptacles for the USB cords together with the two traditional receptacles.
  • Smart Outlets – You can hook up these outlets to your smartphone and use the device to turn them on and off. 
  • GFCI Outlets – Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are often installed in damp parts of the home or in outdoor spaces. 

Keep Your Home Safe Through Properly Installed and Serviced Power Outlets

It is important to ensure that you use the right type of outlets and wiring in your home. Not using safe outlets may lead to electric shock, bodily injury, or worse, fire.

Here at Utah TV Mounting, we will handle all of your needs as far as the safe installation of your home’s power outlets is concerned. All of our team members are trustworthy, efficient, and safe. If you ever need help in mounting your TV and installing a new power outlet for it, we are here to help you out. Gone are the days when you have to bother with more wires just so you can use your TV. With expert power outlet installation, you can create the aesthetic home entertainment system you have always wanted.