Frequently Asked Questions

Utah TV Mounting operates under AZP Installs, LLC. We use the “Utah TV Mounting” name for online marketing searches. Learn more about our company here.

This entirely depends on the size of the TV, where it’s being mounted, if any TV mounts need to be purchased, or if you need any additional addons like wire fishing or adding a plug. On average you can expect between $150 to $250 to mount your TV.

TVs could be mounted on most surfaces, those being Drywall, Stone, or Brick. In most cases it’s drywall, with the occasional stone fireplace.

We can provide everything required. Some customers may have their own HDMI cables or TV mounts, and that’s fine as well. You can use your own or buy from us. Whatever is more convenient for you!

You can get the most versatility from a full motion or articulating TV mount. These mounts can extend from a wall, tilt down and up, rotate, and swivel side to side. But, if you prefer your TV to just be flushed with the wall, you can opt for the low profile fixed TV mount or tilt or swivel TV mount.
Yes, a TV can be mounted above your fireplace provided that behind the brick or stone (or any other material) there are studs to mount the TV bracket to. We will find the studs and drill accordingly.

The ideal height to mount a TV depends primarily on four key factors, namely your distant from the TV, the size of your TV, the viewing angle, and the eye level height. The rule is that the center of a TV measuring 42 inches must be mounted at around 56 inches above floor. A TV of 55” should be about 61 inches, a TV of 65” should be 65 inches while a TV of 70” should be approximately 67 inches. However, the exact height for mounting will differ based on the eye level that also varies depending on the height of your bed, couch, or seats. Experts suggest that TV should be mounted at a viewing angle of not over 30 degrees. Many people casually sit reclined at 10 to 15 degrees.

The basic TV mounting job on dry wall can take our team less than 1.5 hours to finish the job. Several factors can make this duration longer like the need to dismount an existing TV or when installing on brick walls. More complex jobs can be completed in 2 to 3 hours.