Standard fixed TV mounts are the most affordable option you can find in the market right now. Fixed TV mounts are exactly as their name suggests. These are non-adjustable and flat mounts. Once you have attached your TV to a fixed mount, you will not be able to adjust its viewing angle. It is a perfectly fine choice based on your seating arrangement 

Fixed TV mounts are composed of two parts, with one part fixed to the wall then the second part fixed to the rear of the TV. One of the most notable benefits of fixed TV mounts is that they sit flat against the wall, often with an extension reaching an inch. 

If you have plans to used a fixed TV mount, you have to determine if it is possible for your TV to be wall mounted or not and if this can be attached to a mount bracket. Something you have to remember is that everything will depend on the model of your TV since there are different methods of attaching a TV to a mount bracket. It is important that you also know how your TV will attach so you that you can buy the right one for your needs. 


The Good

  • Notably easy to install and lightweight
  • Compact size that makes it almost invisible in a room
  • Budget-friendly
  • A sturdy TV mount that can support heavier and  bulkier TV sets

The Not So Good

  • You will be better off with a different mount if you want better wire organization. 
  • The TV should be leveled perfectly since making modifications is extremely difficult. 
  • The lack of tilt feature means that you cannot change the viewing angle.

Best Location

Fixed TV mounts are best suited for small rooms.