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10 Best TV Wall Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Living Space

Everyone loves a good transformation story, and there’s nothing quite like reimagining your living space with a modern twist. At Utah TV Mounting, we’re all about taking your living area from standard to stunning, with just a few creative tweaks. Whether you’re in Salt Lake, Davis, or Utah Counties, this blog post is packed with the 10 best TV wall decor ideas that promise to elevate your home aesthetic. From adding personal touches to embracing technology, these ideas cater to every taste and style, ensuring your space not only looks good but feels uniquely yours.

Frame It Up

First things first, let’s talk frames. Incorporating a sleek frame around your mounted TV can dramatically alter the ambiance of your room, making the screen blend seamlessly with your decor. Whether you opt for a minimalist wood frame or a more ornate design, this simple addition can transform your television into a piece of art.

Think of your TV as a canvas. By framing it, you not only enhance its appearance but also bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetic appeal. It’s a subtle yet effective way to turn a standard gadget into a statement piece.

Create a Gallery Wall

Imagine your TV surrounded by your favorite artworks, photographs, or even family heirlooms. A gallery wall not only personalizes your space but also draws attention away from the television, making it part of a larger, more cohesive design story.

Curating a mix of frames, sizes, and art styles can lead to a captivating display that reflects your personal taste. This approach allows your TV to blend into an artistic tableau, enhancing the room’s visual interest and personality.

Integrate Shelves

Shelving isn’t just for books. By integrating shelves around your mounted TV, you create a functional and aesthetic feature wall. This setup offers the perfect spot for decorative items, sound systems, or even a collection of your favorite movies.

Shelves can be arranged in various configurations, from symmetrical patterns to more dynamic, asymmetrical layouts. This flexibility means you can tailor the design to fit your space and needs, making your TV area both stylish and practical.

Use Ambient Lighting

Lighting can dramatically change the mood of a room. By incorporating ambient lighting around your TV, you not only improve visual comfort during viewing but also add a touch of sophistication and drama to the space.

Consider LED strips, fairy lights, or even small wall-mounted lamps to create a warm, inviting glow. This not only enhances the viewing experience but also turns the TV area into a focal point, even when the screen is off.

Incorporate a Feature Wall

Nothing says “statement” quite like a feature wall. Whether you choose a bold paint color, striking wallpaper, or textured panels, creating a backdrop for your TV can make a dramatic impact. This idea anchors the television, turning it into a cohesive part of your decor.

A feature wall offers a unique opportunity to inject personality into your living space. It’s about embracing bold choices and making the area around your TV truly stand out.

Hide It Behind Art

For a truly sleek approach, consider hiding your TV behind a piece of art. Motorized panels or sliding canvases can conceal your screen, offering a surprise element to your space. When not in use, your TV disappears, leaving a beautiful artwork to admire.

This method is perfect for those who prefer a less tech-centric look. It provides the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows and a clutter-free aesthetic.

Opt for a Plant Surround

Bring the outdoors in by surrounding your TV with indoor plants. Greenery not only adds life and color to the space but also helps create a soothing, natural environment.

Whether you choose trailing plants, small trees, or a mix of succulents, this idea can help soften the electronics’ hard edges, integrating technology more harmoniously with your home’s natural elements.

Go Minimalist

Less can indeed be more. Embrace minimalism by keeping the area around your TV clean and clutter-free. Opt for simple, understated decor that complements the sleek lines of your screen without overwhelming it.

This approach emphasizes quality over quantity, ensuring every piece around your TV serves a purpose and adds value to the overall aesthetic. It’s all about creating a calm, focused viewing area that reflects a modern, minimalist lifestyle.

Make It Educational

  • World Maps offer a captivating backdrop, stimulating curiosity and learning. Flying high with adventure, they transform your space into a globetrotter’s retreat.
  • Historical Posters bring a touch of elegance and nostalgia. Dive into the past and decorate with a purpose, making your TV area both enlightening and stylish.
  • Art Prints celebrate creativity, turning your wall into a mini-museum. Showcase the masters or modern mavens, blending culture with entertainment.
  • Infographics serve as both decor and knowledge sources. From wine charts to scientific diagrams, they spice up the space with facts worth pondering.
  • Inspirational Quotes keep motivation at bay and spirits high. Surrounding your TV with encouraging words ensures positivity is always in view.

Technology Integration

In today’s digital age, embracing technology can also mean incorporating it into your decor in innovative ways. Smart lights, voice-activated systems, and integrated soundbars can all enhance your TV area, making it not only a visual but also a technological marvel.

This approach ensures your living space stays ahead of the curve, merging form with function. By adopting cutting-edge solutions, your TV becomes part of a user-friendly, interconnected home ecosystem.


Transforming your TV area goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that resonates with your lifestyle and interests. At Utah Tv Mounting, we’re here to help bring your vision to life. Whether it’s through innovative wall decor or the latest in tech integration, your living space can become a testament to your unique taste and style. Ready to elevate your home? Reach out to us by phone at 801-383-0493 or Request a Free Quote.