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The Ultimate Guide to Installing TV Mounts and Floating Shelves

Installing a TV mount or floating shelves can dramatically enhance your home’s aesthetics and functionality, but it might seem daunting. That’s where we, Utah TV Mounting, come in. We’re experts in transforming your living spaces across our service areas with professional mounting solutions. This guide is crafted to empower homeowners like you to understand the process, ensure safety, and inspire confidence in adding that perfect touch to your rooms.

Choosing the Right TV Mount

Before diving into the installation process, selecting the right TV mount is crucial for your space. Fixed mounts are perfect for a sleek, low-profile setup, where flexibility isn’t a priority. On the other hand, full-motion mounts offer versatility, allowing you to angle your TV for the best viewing experience from any part of the room. Consider the weight and size of your TV, the mounting standards (VESA), and where you best enjoy your TV time when making your choice.

Height is another consideration. The center of the TV should be at eye level when seated. This prevents neck strain and provides the optimum viewing angle. We’re here to help you find the ideal mount that not only fits your TV but also matches your viewing habits and room layout.

Understanding the Tools Required

Having the right tools on hand before you start is essential for a successful installation. You’ll need a drill, level, stud finder, screwdriver, and the mounting hardware that comes with your TV mount. Ensuring you have these tools ready can make the installation process smoother and quicker. Safety equipment, such as goggles and gloves, is also recommended to protect yourself during the installation.

Remember, the quality of the tools can significantly impact the installation’s outcome. Opting for reliable, durable tools can make a noticeable difference in the ease of installation and the stability of your TV mount or floating shelves.

Preparation Steps Before Installation

Preparation is key to a successful mounting. Start by deciding the exact placement of your TV or shelves. Use a stud finder to locate studs in your wall, as anchoring your mount or shelves into studs is crucial for stability. Mark the stud Locations with a pencil for reference.

Next, consider cable management. Plan how you’ll route cables to keep them hidden and organized. Whether it’s through in-wall management or using cable concealers, a clean setup enhances the look and feel of your installation.

Installing Your TV Mount

With preparation out of the way, it’s time to install your TV mount. Attach the mounting bracket to your TV following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, align the wall mount portion on the wall, using a level to ensure it’s perfectly horizontal. Mark the drill points over the studs you’ve identified earlier.

After drilling pilot holes, secure the wall mount to the studs with the provided bolts. Finally, attach your TV to the wall mount, ensuring it’s securely locked in place. For full-motion mounts, make adjustments to achieve the perfect viewing angle. Congratulations, your TV is now a central, stable part of your living space!

Floating Shelves Installation

Floating shelves add style and storage space to any room. Begin by determining the placement and spacing of your shelves. Like TV mounts, it’s imperative to attach the brackets to studs for stability. Mark the bracket locations, ensuring they’re level.

Drill pilot holes and secure the brackets to the studs. Next, slide your shelves onto the brackets, following any additional instructions your shelves might have. Voilà, you’ve created a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space!

Maximizing Your Space with Strategic Placement

Strategic placement of your TV and shelves can redefine your living area. For the best viewing experience, avoid placing your TV opposite large windows to reduce glare. Instead, consider wall spaces that are easily viewable from all seating areas. This can create a focal point in the room, making your space feel more centered and inviting.

Similarly, use floating shelves to balance the room – they’re perfect for showcasing decorations, holding books, or organizing entertainment components. By thinking creatively about the placement, you can maximize both the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of your room.

Safety Considerations

When it comes to installation, safety cannot be overstated. Always ensure your TV or shelf is securely mounted to wall studs, as drywall alone won’t support the weight. This prevents the risk of collapse, potentially causing injury or damaging your home. When in doubt, consulting with or hiring a professional can provide peace of mind.

Additionally, consider the weight limits of both your mounting hardware and the shelves themselves. Overloading floating shelves can lead to failure, so distribute weight evenly and stay within recommended limits. Following these guidelines can ensure a safe and secure setup for everyone to enjoy.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even with careful planning, you might encounter issues during installation. If your TV mount seems unstable, double-check that all connections are tight and that the mount is secured to at least two studs. Adjustments can be made to level out the TV if initially installed off-kilter.

For floating shelves, sagging can occur if the brackets aren’t mounted into studs or if the shelf is overloaded. Reassess the mounting and weight distribution if you notice any bending. Thankfully, most issues have straightforward fixes once identified.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your TV mount and floating shelves will ensure they continue to look great and function correctly. Periodically check that all connections and mounting points are tight and secure. For floating shelves, dust regularly and be mindful of any weight changes to prevent overloading.

For full-motion TV mounts, check the movement mechanism to ensure it remains smooth and adjust if necessary. Simple maintenance like this can significantly extend the life and performance of your installations.

Resources and Further Reading

  • Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always consult the manufacturer’s guide for specifics on installation and weight limits. This ensures you follow the best practices for your particular model.
  • Home Improvement Forums: These can be invaluable for troubleshooting and advice from other DIY enthusiasts who have tackled similar projects.
  • Professional Installation Services: If you’re not comfortable installing on your own, professional services can provide a hassle-free experience.
  • Interior Design Blogs: Great for inspiration on placement and styling of your TV and floating shelves.
  • Product Reviews: Before purchasing, refer to reviews for real-world insights on the durability and performance of mounts and shelves.


With the right preparation, tools, and knowledge, installing TV mounts and floating shelves can be a rewarding DIY project. However, if you feel this task is beyond your skill level, we’re just a phone call away. Contact Us at 801-383-0493 or Request a Free Quote for professional installation services that bring your vision to life, safely and beautifully.