As the leading TV mounters Roy, Utah TV Mounting has plenty of potential clients who get in touch with us to inquire about the advantages of TV mounting Roy. Today, let us share with you the perks you can enjoy if you choose to mount your TV.

Benefits of TV Mounting Roy

  • Get more viewing spaces. 

If your TV is sitting on the entertainment center or tabletop on the floor, the screen’s viewing area will be relatively smaller compared to mounting it on the wall. TV mounting not also gives you a wider viewing area is it also lets everyone inside the room to get a good view of the screen even when someone is in front of them. It is a very favorable feature if there are always big groups of people at the house watching movies and shows or during parties and special events. 

  • Save more functional space. 

Another advantage of TV mounting Roy is that this can help save space. Although modern TVs are now getting lighter in weight and flatter, they still take up some floor space if your TV is not mounted. It is because you have to invest in some sort of stand for supporting the TV. However, by mounting your TV, you will save more space since you will use the not so in demand wall space. TV mounts themselves have also become thinner so they take up significantly less space than before. In fact, average TV mounts extend several inches away from the wall. 

  • Eliminate visible cables 

One of the annoying things when it comes to traditional TV installation is the presence of cables that can get in your way. These cables and wires can extend behind your TV. There are times when they seem like they have their own mind as they become more visible, turning into an eye sore. The worse thing is that these wires also serve as tripping hazards for everyone in the house, especially kids and pets. 

But, with TV mounting, the wires can be installed at the wall where the TV is mounted. It means that there won’t be visible cables that can pose a threat to people while creating a cleaner and more organized looking space. 

Expert TV mounters Roy can also use cable housing for covering the wires that run to the TV. Since your TV is located much higher on your wall, it eliminates the risks of wires causing harm to people walking by. 

About Roy

Mormon Pioneers settled in Roy in 1873 and stayed for many years in the small community. One of its streets was known as Cousin Street wherein until 1957, all of that road’s residents were cousins that come from the area’s original settlers. Lakeview, the Basin, Sandridge, and Central City were some of the names Roy was known for before it was named after the deceased Roy C. Peebles, a son of a school teacher.

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