There are lots of debates regarding the benefits of TV mounting Layton versus setting it up on a stand or cabinet. However, if you ask expert TV mounters Layton, they will surely tell you that doing so can give you more advantages that you can never get if you just let it sit on or near the floor.

Benefits of TV Mounting Layton

  • Sleek and stylish look 

One fact is for sure – flat screen TVs are meant to be mounted. You can mount your TV nicely in an optimal spot in the lounge room with the cables concealed to achieve an ultra stylish and clean appearance for the room. Most TV mounts are slim, placing your TV between 2 to 8 centimeters from the wall to make everything look very sleek. With the use of smart TV or modern technology functionality, your TV can become an amazing wall display with slideshows or family photos if no one is watching TV. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Safety 

As mentioned earlier, flat screen TVs are made to be mounted. As such, you can find holes at the back of the TV where bolts can be fitted and attached to the mounts that are sturdy and meant to handle a specific weight. When mounted properly, you can firmly affix the TV to the wall without worrying that it will come loose or fall if bumped or pulled. 

On the other hand, a TV that sits on top of the cabinet isn’t secure, with risks of moving or falling. This can be quite dangerous in homes with small kids and pets in particular where accidents can happen anytime. 

  • Save more space 

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to mount your TV in the living area, bedroom or other parts of your house. TV mounting Layton can no doubt help you save more space. By mounting your TV on the wall, you can say goodbye to the need for bulky furniture or cabinets that will support or hold your TV. Aside from this, different mounts are available to facilitate flexible mounting. 

  • Optimal viewing angle 

When mounted on the right spot and height, TV mounting Layton can reduce the risk of eye or neck strains while watching TV. You can also enjoy the full benefits of high definition viewing. 

  • Cost effective

Don’t worry because despite their amazing looks, TV mounts are very affordable. There are different styles of TV mounts to choose from and all of them are suitable for every budget. 

About Layton

Layton City in Davis County is located between the Wasatch Range and Great Salt Lake. Mormon pioneers settled in the area in 1850 and named in 1885 after Christopher Layton, a Mexican War soldier who settled in the Salt Lake Valley area and raised one of the first ever alfalfa crops of Utah.

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Considering all of the benefits above, you can be sure that choosing Utah TV Mounting as your TV mounters Layton is a decision you will never regret.