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How to Hide Cables for a Cleaner TV Mount Look

A mess of cables can quickly detract from the sleek look of your freshly mounted TV. At Utah TV Mounting, we understand how important it is for your entertainment space to not only be functional but also visually appealing. That’s why we’re eager to share our expertise on how to hide cables for a cleaner TV mount look. This article is crafted especially for homeowners who are looking to enhance their space’s aesthetics and functionality.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning Your Cable Management

Before diving into the task of hiding those unsightly cables, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. Start by assessing the number of cables that need to be managed and their lengths. Consider the proximity of your devices to the power outlet. Having a clear plan will not only make the task easier but will also ensure that the final setup is both efficient and visually pleasing.

Creating a diagram of your entertainment area can also be incredibly beneficial. Mark where each device is located, the path the cables need to take to connect to the power source or other devices, and where you can ideally hide these cables. This visual plan will serve as your roadmap, guiding your cable management process.

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

One of the secrets to effective cable management is using the right tools. Cable sleeves, zip ties, and adhesive cable clips are just a few of the many accessories that can help secure and conceal your wires. Additionally, consider investing in a stud finder and cable raceways for more advanced solutions.

Each tool serves a unique purpose in the cable management process. Cable sleeves bundle wires together, reducing clutter, while adhesive clips help guide cables discreetly along walls or the back of furniture. A stud finder is invaluable when planning to run cables behind walls, ensuring you avoid drilling into vital structural supports.

Utilizing Furniture and Decor to Your Advantage

Your entertainment center, bookshelves, and even decorative plants can play a pivotal role in concealing cables. Arrange your furniture in a way that it naturally hides the cables running along the floor or the wall. Tall plants or decor pieces can also disguise cable raceways and power strips, seamlessly integrating them into your room’s look.

Be strategic about the placement of your TV and accessories. Sometimes, simply relocating a device can significantly reduce cable visibility. Keeping aesthetics and functionality in mind, experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect balance.

The Magic Behind Wall-Mounted Solutions

For those seeking a virtually invisible cable management solution, wall-mounted options are worth exploring. In-wall cable management systems allow you to run wires behind your drywall, only to emerge where they’re needed. This approach requires more effort and potentially professional assistance but achieves an impeccably clean look.

Alternatively, using paintable cable raceways that adhere to the surface of your walls can also drastically reduce cable clutter. These can be painted to match your wall color, making them nearly invisible at a glance. With careful planning and installation, wall-mounted solutions can transform your space.

Wireless Technology and How It Can Help

In the quest for a cable-free look, wireless technology is your ally. Devices like wireless HDMI transmitters, Bluetooth speakers, and Wi-Fi-enabled streaming units can significantly reduce the number of cables needed in your entertainment setup. While not all components can be wireless, integrating even a few of these options can make a big difference.

Investigate which of your devices can be swapped for wireless versions and plan your setup accordingly. Not only does this reduce cable clutter, but it also offers the convenience of fewer wires to manage and troubleshoot in the long run.

Achieving Professional Results with Cable Management Boxes

For a tidy appearance, cable management boxes are an excellent solution. These boxes contain power strips and excess cable lengths, keeping them out of sight. Positioned behind your TV stand or entertainment center, they offer an instant decluttering effect without the need for major adjustments.

Available in various sizes and styles, find a cable box that complements your room’s decor. This simple addition can have a profound impact on your space’s overall cleanliness and organization, contributing significantly to achieving that clean TV mount look.

The Role of Professional Installers

If the thought of managing cables on your own seems daunting, professional installers are here to help. With expertise in the best cable management techniques and tools, professionals can quickly transform your space. They can provide personalized solutions that meet your needs and preferences, ensuring your entertainment area is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

At Utah Tv Mounting, we consider the specific challenges and opportunities of your space, offering tailored advice and execution. Trusting a professional with your cable management ensures a high-quality result that complements your home’s design.

Exploring Innovative Cable Management Accessories

  • Cable Sleeves: These flexible tubes bundle your cables together, maintaining a neat appearance.
  • Adhesive Clips: Perfect for running cables along walls or furniture, they keep wires in place discretely.
  • Desk Grommets: If your TV is near a desk, grommets provide a neat pass-through for cables, reducing clutter.
  • Under-Carpet Tape: A unique solution for hiding cables, this tape secures them flat against the floor under carpets.
  • Magnetic Cable Holders: These holders are ideal for quickly attaching and detaching cables from surfaces, offering flexibility and ease of use.

Making the Most of DIY Solutions

Do-it-yourself solutions can be incredibly effective and rewarding when it comes to cable management. From crafting your cable box out of a shoebox to using binder clips to organize wires behind your desk, the possibilities are endless. Creativity and a little bit of research can lead you to discover many innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Remember, the goal is not just to hide cables but to do so in a way that maintains ease of access and doesn’t compromise on the functionality of your devices. Test different DIY techniques to find the ones that work best for your space and needs.


Achieving a cleaner TV mount look by effectively hiding cables is within your reach. With the right plan, tools, and a bit of creativity, you can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your entertainment space. Whether you tackle the project on your own or seek professional assistance, the path to a clutter-free, visually appealing setup is clear.
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