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7 Creative TV Mounting Ideas for Small Spaces


At Utah TV Mounting, we understand the challenges of maximizing space in small living areas while still enjoying the entertainment that a TV brings. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on 7 creative TV mounting ideas for small spaces. Whether you’re living in a compact apartment, a cozy bedroom, or any other small area, these innovative mounting ideas will help you make the most of your space without compromising on style or functionality. Let’s dive in!

TV Mounting Ideas for Small Spaces

Idea 1: Corner Mounting

One of the most effective ways to save space is by utilizing the corners of your room. Corner mounting allows you to position your TV in a way that doesn’t obstruct the flow of the room while providing optimal viewing angles. By mounting your TV in a corner, you can free up valuable wall space for other furniture or decorations.

Idea 2: Ceiling Mounting

Ceiling mounting is an excellent option for rooms with limited wall space. By suspending your TV from the ceiling, you can achieve a sleek and modern look while maintaining a clear line of sight from any part of the room. This method works especially well in bedrooms, kitchens, or areas with high ceilings.

Idea 3: Articulating Arm Mounting

An articulating arm mount offers the ultimate flexibility in TV positioning. With this type of mount, you can extend, tilt, and swivel your TV to achieve the perfect viewing angle. This is particularly useful in small spaces where you may need to adjust the TV’s position based on different seating arrangements or lighting conditions.

Idea 4: Recessed Wall Mounting

If you prefer a seamless and streamlined look, recessed wall mounting is an ideal choice. This method involves creating a niche or cavity in the wall where your TV sits flush. Recessed wall mounting not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance to your room, making your TV appear as if it’s part of the wall itself.

Idea 5: Above the Fireplace Mounting

Mounting your TV above the fireplace is a popular choice for small living rooms or open-concept spaces. This placement takes advantage of the typically underutilized wall space above the fireplace mantel. It creates a focal point in the room and ensures that your TV doesn’t compete with other furniture or decorations.

Idea 6: Floating Shelf Mounting

For a minimalist and space-saving approach, consider using a floating shelf to mount your TV. This option is particularly suitable for small bedrooms or study areas where floor space is limited. By mounting the TV on a floating shelf, you can achieve a clean and uncluttered look while still enjoying your favorite shows or movies.

Idea 7: Motorized Lift Mounting

Motorized lift mounting provides a unique and innovative solution for small spaces. With this type of mount, your TV remains hidden when not in use and can be raised or lowered with the touch of a button. Motorized lifts are ideal for bedrooms, where you can conceal your TV inside furniture such as a bed frame or a cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 1: Can I mount a TV on a plasterboard wall?

Yes, you can mount a TV on a plasterboard wall. However, it’s important to ensure that the wall can support the weight of the TV and the mounting bracket. We recommend consulting a professional TV mounting service, like Utah TV Mounting, to ensure the proper installation and safety of your TV.

FAQ 2: How high should a TV be mounted?

The ideal height for TV mounting depends on various factors, such as the size of the TV, the seating arrangement, and the room’s layout. As a general guideline, the center of the TV screen should be at eye level when you’re seated. Again, it’s best to seek professional advice to determine the optimal height for your specific setup.

FAQ 3: What tools do I need to mount a TV?

To mount a TV, you’ll need a few essential tools, including a stud finder, a drill, a screwdriver, a level, and the appropriate mounting bracket. Additionally, you may need wall anchors, cables, and cable management solutions. Utah TV Mounting provides professional installation services, ensuring that you have the right tools and expertise for a successful TV mounting experience.

FAQ 4: Can I mount a TV without drilling?

Yes, there are alternative methods for mounting a TV without drilling, such as using adhesive hooks or TV stands. However, these options may not be as secure or provide the same level of stability as traditional wall mounting. If you’re concerned about the safety and stability of your TV, we recommend opting for professional TV mounting services.

FAQ 5: Is professional TV mounting necessary?

While it’s possible to mount a TV yourself, professional TV mounting offers numerous benefits. Certified technicians, like the ones at Utah TV Mounting, have the expertise and experience to ensure a secure and seamless installation. They can also provide valuable advice on the best mounting options for your specific space, optimizing both aesthetics and functionality.


We hope these 7 creative TV mounting ideas for small spaces have inspired you to transform your living area into a functional and stylish entertainment hub. Whether you choose corner mounting, ceiling mounting, or any other innovative solution, Utah TV Mounting is here to help bring your vision to life. Our team of experts is ready to provide professional TV mounting services tailored to your needs. Request our services today by calling us at 801-383-0493 or visiting our website!